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Ultra summer is a bundle of fun, interactive and educative courses designed to keep teenagers virtually engaged, as they acquire useful skills for now and the future.

  • A wide variety of non-academic courses to gain valuable, practical skills and experience.
  • Explore your interests and build expertise on cool niches.
  • Introduce you to new, exciting subjects for the first time. No prior knowledge required.
  • Bridge the gap between hobbies and business thinking.

Love animation? Here’s how it’s written

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Watch talks from the best as they share their stories, successes, failures, ideas and ideals.

Conversations with experts and professionals with the aim of educating users on new ideas, trends, work process and industry standard techniques.

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Frequently asked questions

Ultra Summer is a bundle of interactive and engaging courses, structured to introduce preteens and teens to real-world relevant and valuable skills. All courses are taught by young professionals who are thoroughly versed with the skills taught. Our goal is to introduce preteens and teens to a diverse range of subjects not covered by the traditional school curriculum.
Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere and can be streamed on your smartphone, pad and personal computer.
Ultra Summer offers an immersive online learning experience with courses on animation, music production, cooking, music and so much more for one year from the day you subscribe. At a subscription renewal, all courses and additional new courses will be available to you for another year or month, depending on your subscription plan.
All Ultra Summer courses are readily available on the platform and can be watched and listened to anywhere, anytime. This way, you can learn at your own pace and your convenience.
You will have full access to all Ultra Summer courses, round the clock, for 12 months, including all course notes and more for a sum of N20, 000. To be paid only once.
Ultra Summer offers 10+ classes across a variety of categories, including animation, photography, cooking, writing, cooking, music, finance and more. Every class is designed to be straight forward and easy to understand for people with little to no experience. Every class gives you a chance to explore a new subject matter and learn practical skills.